How it works

A restricted access, automated system controls a probe to access the rotating truck agitator and spray high pressure recycled wash water at areas where concrete is likely to accumulate. Torojet also operates as a remote inspection system with a high definition camera attached to the probe to perform a quick, easy and thorough bowl inspection. The driver backs up to the Torojet cleaner, checks the truck is aligned correctly and starts the cleaning cycle. The process is fully automated with no intervention required. Remote bowl inspections provide the driver with visual feedback on bowl condition, without Confined Space Entry management. Torojet can improve driver maintenance performance because they can see that it works. A two-pass cleaning cycle takes approximately 7 1/2 minutes to complete. An inspection cycle takes about five minutes to set-up and each truck bowl inspection takes 5 minutes to complete.

Torojet Features

  • Lockout mode for truck detection: with photometric or magnetic sensing Torojet will not operate unless a truck is located in front of the system.
  • RFID lockout and data logging: Designated operators wave a card near the Torojet Control unit to permit operation with no swiping or card read errors in wet or dusty conditions. Data logging provides a record of who has used the Torojet and mode of operation. An administrator can control RFID card access and view the history log.
  • Simple operation and feedback: One button start makes Torojet easy to use with a cleaning cycle completed automatically. Torojet is also fitted with a yellow flash signal warning lamp to indicate when in use.
  • Robust design and construction: All galvanised steel construction ensures that Torojet is built for the challenging concrete plant environment. Torojet has been designed and built for a service life that will exceed expectations in tough conditions.
  • Specialised pump gear: The Torojet pump has been engineered to handle the high pH and abrasive solids found in recycled concrete plant water.
  • Remote inspection: A tough and splash proof High Definition (HD) camera with a customised lighting system provides an ultra wide angle 170° field of vision. Bowl condition can be assessed accurately and objectively and archived to establish a video log of bowl history.