What is Torojet?

Torojet is an automated cleaning and inspection system for ready mix concrete truck agitators. Torojet has been designed specifically to prevent concrete build-up, eliminate or minimise the risks to operators during inspection or corrective maintenance procedures and significantly reduce maintenance.

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How it works

A restricted access, automated system controls a probe to access the rotating truck agitator and spray high pressure recycled wash water at areas where concrete is likely to accumulate. Torojet also operates as a remote inspection system with a high definition camera attached to the probe to perform a quick, easy and thorough bowl inspection.

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Why Torojet?

Torojet has been developed in response to an industry wide need to eliminate or minimise operator bowl entry for inspection and manual removal of concrete build-up.  Workers in Australia, Europe and USA have received fatal injuries while performing maintenance inside a concrete truck agitator.

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Torojet - patented technology in Australia and NZ with International Patents Pending Read More