Why Torojet?

Torojet has been developed in response to an industry wide need to eliminate or minimise operator bowl entry for inspection and manual removal of concrete build-up.  Workers in Australia, Europe and USA have received fatal injuries while performing maintenance inside a concrete truck agitator.

Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Authorities, such as WorkSafe Victoria, Australia now recommend the elimination of manual bowl entry. www.worksafe.vic.gov.au

Torojet eliminates the need for manual removal of heavy, built-up concrete.

Manual removal of concrete from a concrete truck bowl using a jack-hammer presents significant health and safety risks: death or injury from falling concrete; injury from falling in a confined space with multiple tripping hazards; death or injury during entry into and egress from a confined space over 2m above ground level; crushing death or injury from bowl rotation during ingress or egress; injury from concrete removal equipment in a confined space – electrical or pneumatic; auditory, optical and respiratory injury from noise or dust.


With a recommended Torojet cleaning programme, manual concrete removal by jack-hammer is significantly reduced or even eliminated. Using bulky work gear to remove heavy, built up concrete that can be ‘fin-to-fin’ is no longer required. The Torojet remote inspection system means that any build-up can be detected before it becomes a major problem. Manual removal can be completed with lightweight work gear such as a needle-gun and hammer.

By using Torojet for preventative maintenance cleaning and inspection with out-sourcing for periodic bowl concrete removal, an operator may eliminate the health and safety risks to staff. What would it mean to your company if you could eliminate the health and safety risk to your workers?

Better Cleaning

Conventional truck agitator washing doesn’t work. That’s why you have to jack-hammer concrete out of the bowl every 6 months!

Torojet cleaning is effective at preventing concrete build-up

A trial of working trucks over 6 months showed that conventional washing was not able to prevent significant concrete accumulation. The trucks that used Torojet over the same period prevented concrete build-up to maintain a cleaner bowl. Torojet keeps a concrete truck bowl cleaner, for longer.

See the results of a 6 month trial

What would it mean to your company if you could save on-going truck bowl corrective maintenance costs by up to 50%?

Operator Friendly

Torojet is simple to use and robust

The driver backs up to the Torojet cleaner, checks the truck is aligned correctly and starts the cycle. The process is fully automated with no intervention required. Remote bowl inspections provide the driver with visual feedback on bowl condition, without CSE protocol. Torojet can improve driver maintenance performance because they can see that it works.

Longer Bowl Life

Extends bowl life by eliminating high-impact cleaning

No more jack-hammer dimples that wear through to form holes in the truck bowl. Improved mixer efficiency means less high speed mixing, therefore less wear. An extension to bowl lifespan can amount to significant savings across a ready-mix fleet.

Improved Truck Performance

Improves mixer and vehicle efficiency

The mixing fins remain clean for optimal mixing performance. Minimal concrete build-up means that the concrete truck stays at tare weight for improved fuel efficiency. The truck can carry full loads with assurance – no spills on hills, no excess load fines.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Works with recycled plant and truck wash water

Torojet can reduce water use by up to 50% compared to conventional washing. Torojet is fitted with specialised pump gear that can handle the high pH and abrasive solids found in recycled concrete truck wash water.

Faster Turnaround Time

Cleans faster than conventional washing methods

An end of day bowl clean with Torojet can be completed in about 7 1/2 minutes. Therefore a total end of day truck wash can be completed in approximately 15 minutes, which can save up to 50% off the end of day cleaning time per driver, per day. A one-pass 4 minute cycle can be used to clean between loads or during short breaks to remove any concrete before it starts to accumulate.

No Inspection CSE

Eliminates Confined Space Entry for bowl inspection

CSE is a necessary hazard management control for manual bowl inspection. But it may actually reduce the frequency of inspections. Using Torojet, one operator can attach and activate the camera probe to perform a bowl inspection in the time it takes to complete the CSE paperwork. Inspections can be scheduled, regardless of staff availability.

Monitor Bowl Maintenance and Lifespan

Torojet captures a verifiable history of each truck bowl

RFID control with data logging provides a cleaning maintenance record to verify that each truck bowl is cleaned to your plan. Scheduled camera inspection and archiving establishes an accurate, verified log of bowl history for each truck bowl. With RFID and remote camera inspection, track which bowls have the best maintenance record and which bowls need work. Match with delivery data over time to identify the bowls that last and the bowls that don’t.

Schedule Agitator Maintenance

Enables effective customised cleaning plans to be developed

Cleaning cycle plans can be developed for specific jobs and mix designs that are known to contribute to the build-up of concrete in a truck. With a known cleaning time, despatch can incorporate a Torojet cleaning cycle into specific jobs. For example, curbing mix designs and lengthy delivery/on-site timeframes may require a cleaning cycle immediately after return to plant to ensure that bowl cleanliness is maintained.

Patented Technology

Torojet has been granted a patent in New Zealand and International Patents are pending. Your investment in Torojet Bowl Cleaning Technology is protected.