Save over 50% on Truck Agitator Maintenance

H&S and Maintenance Savings with Torojet


Health & Safety Risk to Staff: Injury or Death

With Torojet, the risk of injury or death inside the agitator during inspection is eliminated.

Ongoing Financial Cost

With Torojet you can reduce the cost of outsourced truck bowl cleaning more than 50%. Save up to $2000 per truck for concrete removal – annually. Your fleet is available to be on the road, not out of service for bowl maintenance.

Ongoing Financial Cost

Save up to 72 hours labour annually per truck. Based on a time saving for end of day cleaning of 15 minutes per driver per day, 6 days per week, 48 weeks per year.

Other Savings with Torojet


Environmental and Financial Cost

Less environment impact with a  50% reduction in recycled water use, per cycle, per truck.

Financial Asset Lifespan

Torojet can extend the lifespan of the agitator from less wear & tear with a clean bowl and a reduced frequency of impact damaging cleaning.

Financial – Excess load fines

With Torojet, the risk of excess load fines is eliminated, because the bowl is always clean.

Financial – Delivery

Improved fuel efficiency.

Quality – Delivery

Improved mixer efficiency. Mixing concrete with clean fins, means quicker more efficient mixing. Pass mixer efficiency tests first time, every time.



The principal reason to install Torojet is the elimination and minimisation of the risks to health and safety for inspection and corrective bowl maintenance.

In addition to the significant health and safety benefits, based on the tables, it can be estimated that for a concrete plant with 15 trucks, the payback period could be only 1 year. Savings for increased bowl life and improvements in vehicle efficiency have not been factored into the payback estimations.

Torojet means ongoing agitator cleaning costs can be cut by over 50%. What does that mean to your business ?

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